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Raise funds for your business and manage cash and trade flows more efficiently

Product highlights

Be it for self-fund growth, reducing debt, expanding your business reach or enhancing your balance sheet – we’ll make achieving your business goals easier. Get access to a wide range of long and short-term loans designed to meet the specific funding requirements of all types and sizes of organisations. Choose from a range of lending and credit solutions and obtain working capital along with assistance from our experts to accelerate your business growth.

What’s more? Our trade and receivables finance solutions can help you unlock funds trapped in inventory or receivables to keep the supply chain – and your business – moving forward. Added to this is a full range of commercial banking services designed specifically to help you manage incoming and outgoing cash more efficiently across your organisation.

Our business loan solutions

Overdraft: Minimise the risk of unplanned overdrafts. Improve your cash flow management with an option to access funds easily

Loan Against Property (LAP): Unleash the potential of your property’s market value to fund your business expansion plans

Commercial Property Purchase Loans: Buying a commercial property in India? Count on us for funding this purchase

Our working capital solutions

Imports: Access the working capital you need and improve cash flow

Exports: Gain more control over exports and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively

Trade Solutions (PDF, 208 KB): Leverage on our expertise and extensive network in over 50 countries and territories to achieve your business goals

Forfaiting: Protect and finance your post shipment trade with forfaiting services that finance while managing risk

Guarantees: Conduct business with confidence through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit

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