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Simplified Digital Banking for Businesses

With the new and improved HSBCnet, experience simplified yet intuitive banking, anytime, anywhere. HSBCnet offer you a simple, secure and direct way to access your HSBC accounts and balances on the go.

What’s new?

Key Business Benefits

Single platform

  • Access to all cash management functionalities on one platform

Ease of Use

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customisable dashboard
  • A range of customer support tools
  • General and customisable reports for visibility over accounts

Global Reach

  • Global platform
  • Multilingual functionality available


  • Multilevel authentication and transaction signing
  • Encrypted information exchange with HSBC
  • System administrator tools to manage access rights

Key Features

  • Account Information Overview
    View current and historical balances and transactional information relating to your accounts
  • Track Payments
    An integrated self-service tool within HSBCnet to track your payment journey
  • Self Serve
    Send and receive messages for different banking service requests digitally through a secure platform
  • Customer Alerts
    Create scheduled alerts and assign recipients who will receive these alerts for specific HSBCnet events via e-mail. To provide additional security, the service also generates mandatory profile change alerts to inform the user whose profile has been modified.
  • Help Centre and Virtual Assist
    A source of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ information, allowing you to read content and search for answers on a variety of topics
  • Live Chat
    A real-time support channel that offers secure online access to Helpdesk agents via a window where you can exchange instant written messages with us
  • NetPlus
    A functionality that provides you with useful information, services and tools across two sections:
    1. Protect – information on cybersecurity and fraud awareness to help you safeguard your business against crime
    2. Inform – brief ‘How to’ videos on HSBCnet tools and how they work along with HSBC market intelligence and business insights

HSBCnet Self-Service functionality

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We’re making your banking experience even simpler. Our ‘Self-Service’ functionality on HSBCnet enables you to request multiple services for your HSBC India accounts linked to the profile, directly on the platform.

You can access the following self-service requests under ‘Self-Service and Support’ section on your HSBCnet profile:

  • Request Balance Certificates for up to 3 years from current date and receive the certificate in Message Centre
  • Request Banker’s Certificates for up to 5 accounts in a single request and receive the certificates in Message Centre
  • Request Historical or Duplicate Statements for up to 10 years from current date in ‘Message Centre’ and view these online. You can request up to 12 months of statements per request
  • Update the Email Addresses that receive statements for current accounts and term deposits

HSBCnet Mobile App

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At HSBC, we are making everyday banking easier, faster and secure. Our intuitive and dynamic banking platform – HSBCnet Mobile App – is designed to help businesses stay on top of their finances, anytime, anywhere.

Key Features :

  • Simplified biometric authentication (Touch ID for iOS and Android devices and Face lD for iOS devices)
  • Soft token to access HSBCnet on the go eliminating the need to carry physical security devices
  • Create payments to beneficiaries previously paid via desktop
  • Track payment status and receive notifications/alerts for items pending for action (such as transaction pending authorisation)
  • Mobile messaging to avail customer support via live chat
  • Search functionality to easily locate a particular payment
  • Authorise multiple payment files/transactions in one go
  • Share payment authorisation confirmation over mobile to the beneficiary
  • Soft token access across multiple HSBCnet profiles from one mobile device
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