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Centralised travel payments and reporting
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The HSBC Central Travel Card is a complete travel payment solution to complement your HSBC Corporate Card, allowing you to centralise your travel bookings directly by lodging the card with your travel agency.

Together with powerful online management and reporting, control is firmly in your hands.

HSBC Travel Card

HSBC corporate credit card

Key Benefits

The complete travel payment solution to streamline and centralise your travel bookings

✓ Streamlined and centralised travel booking process

✓ Increased control of travel expenditure and better working capital management

✓ Fraud protection

✓ Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers and reduce payment costs

✓ Powerful online management and reporting

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Streamline and centralised travel booking process

  • Lodge your card details and air travel policy with your preferred Travel Management Company (TMC)
  • The travel booking process is centralised, saving you time and allowing you to monitor and manage expenditure more efficiently

Increased control of travel expenditure

  • Allows compliance with your corporate HR and travel policies, reducing risk of fraud and misuse
  • Spending limits and restrictions for your cards and approved travel agents, ensuring working capital control is in your hands

Fraud protection

  • Fraud protection via fraud detection software and dispute process

Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers

  • Leverage up to 52 interest-free days to help you leverage your cash flow for better working capital
  • Faster payments to suppliers provides leverage to negotiate better purchase terms
  • Real-time reporting insights to compare costs and control expenses
  • Streamlined payment processing and reporting can help achieve time and cost efficiencies by reducing manual accounts payable processes.

Powerful online management and reporting

Easily manage reporting and cards with HSBC's powerful online management platforms MiVision and Mastercard's Smart Data, giving you the control and insight to better monitor costs and maximise efficiency. Learn more

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