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How HSBCs digital solution supported MathCo’s global expansion

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TheMathCompany (MathCo) enables large enterprises to be self-sufficient with their AI & Analytics agenda. HSBC brings MathCo’s global business at one place.

The world is witnessing unprecedented use of technologies such as predictive modelling and Generative AI. However, even the best techniques struggle to produce optimum output if the underlying data is not up to the mark. Extracting maximum value from their own data has long been a challenge for numerous organizations. Recognizing this gap, three enterprising data enthusiasts — Sayandeb, Anuj, and Aditya—seized a tremendous opportunity, leading to the inception of TheMathCompany in 2016.

Powering Intelligence

MathCo helps companies develop custom data products, and solves their complex business and data problems. They work with organizations to design data-driven strategies and make the best use of internal and external information assets. With a team of over 1500 experts specializing in Data Engineering, Advanced Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Visualization, MathCo helps clients make better-informed decisions. The outcome can be as varied as providing the end consumer with the next best action or determining which item to place at which position in the shelf to predicting faults in manufacturing equipment.

Solving it at global scale

With data being a valuable asset across industries, MathCo has gained trust of global enterprises across continents, including many Fortune 500 organizations. As a result, TheMathCompany has emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing AI and Analytics companies.

Banking also needs to be streamlined across countries

Each country has its own laws and regulations. To fuel its hyper scale growth across countries, MathCo needed financing in entities operating in individual countries. However, working with different banks, each with its own processes, documentation, TAT and standalone digital solutions would have been inefficient.

HSBC stepped in as a strategic partner and understood MathCo's global business operations and future plans. Together, they devised a tailored global program. Under this umbrella, both firms work on multiple areas:

Credit lines:

  • In the USA, MathCo is availing working capital limits against their quality receivables from Fortune 500 companies. This facility is backed by Corporate Guarantee from parent company in India
  • HSBC US Retail has also extended a mortgage and other banking services to the executive leadership team at the company
  • In India, they enjoy treasury limits to hedge their monthly cross border flows

Digital Banking:

  • MathCo has opened HSBC accounts in four countries outside India. By leveraging HSBCNet, a global unified platform for day-to-day banking, MathCo efficiently manages all its global accounts at one location. This centralized approach eliminates the need to navigate disjointed platforms often associated with multi-bank scenarios.
  • HSBC has partnered with Zoho, one of India's leading cloud-based financial management platforms. This collaboration enables MathCo to effortlessly process multiple third-party payments with a simple click, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming technical integration.

Sayandeb Banerjee, Co-founder and CEO of TheMathCompany, expresses his satisfaction with the partnership. ‘‘MathCo’s aim is to help large enterprises eliminate siloes and bring all data at one place. This helps them make timely and informed decisions. We were expecting something similar from our bank in our global expansion. HSBC seamlessly aligned with us, offering a global relationship perspective and exceptional digital solutions. What further stands out is their personal touch. I have interacted with their CEO, Hitendra Dave and senior leadership on ways to collaborate in the future. As we continue to expand, we look forward to working with HSBC in our journey.”

New age businesses and innovators like yours are witnessing massive growth. You need the right banking partner to provide you with the right solution at each of the milestones. HSBC is committed to helping businesses like yours deliver outstanding outcomes. We are excited to connect with you, gain a deep understanding of your business, and form a partnership that drives mutual growth and success.

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