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How HSBC supported Disprz's entry into new markets

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In a digital-first world, the ‘half-life’ of a workplace skill – the time it takes to become obsolete – is getting shorter and shorter. Research suggests that skill sets for jobs have already shifted by 25% between 2015 and 2022, a figure expected to double by 2027.1

But upskilling and right-skilling a company’s workforce is a challenge when in-house training relies on knowledge that’s scattered across emails and applications.

When Kuljit Chadha and Subramanian Viswanathan founded enterprising skilling startup Disprz in 2015, they recognised that to meet the evolving needs of the workplace, learning needed to be more tech-led, engaging, and employee-centric.

“We identified a huge gap in workforce learning – a skill-based system – the missing link that can align learning with business impact,” says Subramanian Viswanathan.

AI-powered learning to bridge the skills gap

The co-founders recognised that there was a broader need, from an industry perspective, for a single platform that brings together combined content, assessments, analytics and collaborative social learning elements. Equally necessary was a tool to identify skills gaps and create highly personalised development plans that take into account roles, skills, proficiencies and career ambitions.

According to Disprz, their AI-powered digital learning engine manages to address these factors while maintaining an agility which allows it to respond to the needs of businesses with scattered, diverse workforces.

Supporting Disprz’s global ambitions

Disprz has a significant presence in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and now has an eye on more developed markets. As the business has grown its banking needs have become more complex. Partnering with a bank that could supports its expansion plans was mission critical.

With its global reach and expertise, HSBC was a natural fit. Since 2020 the bank has helped smoothe Disprz’s entry into new markets, providing regulatory support, and set up accounts in US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and UAE. All collections and payments are routed through HSBC, with the bank’s global online platform providing a ‘one window view’ of all Disprz’s international accounts.

A successful expansion programme looks beyond the business plan to the needs of individuals leading it. Which is why Disprz turned to HSBC to provide personal banking services to leaders heading up teams in new markets. “As Disprz’s sole banking partner, HSBC is delighted to be supporting this innovative organisation on its growth journey of transforming enterprise learning by enabling organization-wide skilling,” says Ashutosh Himmatsinghka, Vice President, HSBC Business Banking, India.

“We are growing rapidly and looking to strengthen our business in overseas markets,” says Subramanian Viswanathan. “By meeting not only our international requirements, but also providing us with regulatory-related support in India, HSBC has played an important role in Disprz's international expansion.”

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